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2x4s Dinner Together

The Bible tells us how Jesus was invited into homes to share meals.  The concept of meeting and visiting over a meal is age-old.  By sharing a meal we become a family.  At Federated we have been practicing this church family-building concept for many years through our “2x4s Dinners Together” program.

The “2x4s” dinners are simple affairs.  The participating families (or singles) share three meals between the months of March-April, May-July, and August-October.  The designated host contacts the 3 other couples (or singles) to arrange a date.  The host provides the main dish and the other guests bring either a salad, a side dish or a desert. *Going out to eat is fine as well! We are there for the fellowship!*

Contact Nila Novotny at 402 910 4091 or at nilanovotny@neb.rr.com if you would like to participate in the upcoming 2021 “2x4s” Dinners Together.  It’s a lot of fun without much work and the dinners help us know one another all the better.

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