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Tuesday Morning Christian Book Discussion Group


Dating back into the 1980s, this group of church members was originally known as the “Lectionary Review and Discussion Group” and as its name implies, those who gatherer read and discussed the next Sunday’s Bible verses which were to be read from the pulpit.  The group was started by Lee Hicks, our minister from 1974 to 1987.   Meetings were always on Tuesday mornings at 7:00 AM for breakfast at a local restaurant.

In 2000, after the new church was built, the group decided to move the morning breakfasts from the Picket Fence Restaurant to the newly remodeled Fellowship Hall.  Breakfast were made and served by various participants.  At about this time, the group decided to read and discuss books related to Christianity rather than study lectionary verses.

In the early-2000s, Fred Bellum, a member of the congregation, became the discussion leader of the group as the church was experiencing turnover of ministers.  Through his leadership the group thrived.  Nearly 4 dozen books have been reviewed and discussed under his direction—chapter by chapter.  (see list of books)

You are encouraged to join the discussion to expand your awareness of Christ’s message about God’s Kingdom through books written by both theologians and lay persons. Members from other churches are encouraged to join the group to share their views in the discussions and grow with us in our Christian faith.

Contact Robert Trautwein for more information.  Phone 402 910 4341 or rjtraut@yahoo.com

List Of Reviewed Books

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