2x4s Dinner Together

Here are the links for this year’s participants and schedule:

We hope you’ve had all your 2×4 dinners together, and if not, there’s still time, even if just to go out for lunch after church!

We are starting to line up the group for next year and plan to add and subtract from the current list.  We will also rearrange the order so your groups will change some.

Don’t worry about sticking to the schedule exactly or even inviting exactly who is on your list.  Substitute any way you like if someone can’t come, and host when it works for you.

If you are unable to have your meal, please let your guests know that you won’t be able to host.  They could get together at a restaurant with no host and therefore not be disappointed OR someone else in the group could offer to host.  I would encourage you to invite an extra guest if you have the room so others will become familiar with the 2×4’s concept.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email your host to ask what their plan is if you don’t hear from them in a timely manner so you figure out dates that work well so it doesn’t slip through the cracks.  We are all busy and a gentle reminder is often appreciated.

As we all know, you can go out to eat rather than host a formal dinner and it works fine.  It’s the fellowship and getting to know each other that is the strength of this group.

Please let the office (or Nila Novotny) know if you want to be added to the group or removed from the group.  It’s ok to be on a sub list and added in where there are blank spots.  Also, if you want to participate, but NOT HOST, or have dietary restrictions, please indicate that as well.

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