Kathy Zywiec, Office Assistant

Kathy Zywiec, Office Assistant

Kathy Zywiec, Office Assistant
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Born in Columbus, 1960 as Kathy Iwanski.  I attended St. Isidore’s Catholic School and graduated from Columbus High School in 1978.
I received a degree in Computer Science and was lived in Omaha for 36 years.  Married (Flavell) and had three amazing children – Will, Nicci and Michael.
My children are my world.  Living on an acreage outside of Omaha city limits, my children attended Catholic Elementary School and all graduated from Platteview/Springfield High School.  All three attended college and have degrees.   All three children are successful, smart and very good caring people.
I remarried in 2016 to Chuck Zywiec, also born and raised in Columbus.  We have the best-friend, closest relationship anyone can dream of.  
I was blessed with a grandson, Lincoln who is now two years old.  He is truly a miracle baby being born 12 weeks early and spending 84 days in the NICU in Omaha.

I have owned and operated my own business JobsGuide LLC since 2013 and am in the process of selling the business and retiring in March of 2022.

I am so happy to have found my new part-time job at Columbus Federated Church.  The staff members are great and I am happy for a nice atmosphere to work in and to keep my mind busy with a new job.   

I love to sew, garden, can, do puzzles, fish and have family gatherings.  Vacations on a beach anywhere is the best!  But Las Vegas is second in line!  LIFE IS VERY GOOD!

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